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Intellectual Property Rights Unit

The purpose of the Intellectual Property Rights Unit is to provide mainly researchers, academicians and students from Ege University, all researchers, companies, entrepreneurs and students in Turkey with the following services:

  • to make preliminary assessment of innovative projects
  • to make wide-scale patent researches
  • to increase patent awareness by organizing trainings and seminars at universities and other institutions/organizations for patent information and patent research
  • to make technology licensing.


The Intellectual Property Rights Unit executes these operations in cooperation with the European Patent Office (EPO), the World Intellectual Property Rights Organization (WIPO), the Turkish Patent Institute (TPE) and other solution partners.


EÜ EBİLTEM-TTO is the second Turkish Patent Institute Information and Documentation unit established in Turkey, it is one of the 17 PATLIB pilot centers selected by EPO from various countries of Europe and the only institution selected in Turkey. Moreover, it acts as the WIPO University Initiative Program and IPR Help-desk Turkish Ambassador.


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