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Administrative Units

Financial Affairs Unit

It executes accounting operations of EÜ EBİLTEM-TTO and financial affairs of on-going projects and helps with financial operations of EÜ EBİLTEM-TTO for academicians, researchers and students. The Financial Affairs Unit provides the following services within the body of EÜ EBİLTEM-TTO:

  • to provide consultancy for financial processes of national and international projects executed at the University
  • to make financial tracking of ongoing national and international projects
  • to execute wage and personnel affairs
  • to monitor circulating capital financial affairs
  • to monitor satellite laboratories financial affairs
  • to plan, budget and realize supply processes and investments of all inventory and consumable items
  • to monitor and record materials
  • to make financial monitoring of EÜ EBİLTEM-TTO supports provided for academicians, researchers and students

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