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Science and Technology Centre


Ege University Science and Technology Application and Research Center (EBİLTEM) started operation as the first University-Industry Cooperation Interface institution of Turkey in 1994. The Center, with academic and professional staff all focusing on research, was established with an aim to strengthen R&D activities of the University and to encourage University-Industry Cooperation:

  • to ensure cooperation and coordination of the University with organizations which provide national and international resources and make requests for research
  • to announce qualifications, activities and calendars of organizations which provide national and international support
  • to conduct strategic studies and to determine priority areas of the regional industry in terms of R&D activities
  • to support interdisciplinary projects for the needs and demands of the region
  • to support outsourced projects of researchers from Ege Unviersity.


Ege University was selected as one of the first 10 Universities among Turkish Universities within the scope of the TÜBİTAK 1513 Technology Transfer Offices Support Program in 2013 and it was granted with the honor to be supported for 10 years. EBİLTEM continues Technology Transfer Office activities with gradual improvement as of 2013 with an aim to efficiently execute services to put information and technology developed at our university into practice and to commercialize, to create cooperation between our university and industrial organizations as well as to facilitate development of information and technology required by the local industry at our university.

Ege University executes all R&D activities and industrial relations over the Science and Technology Application and Research Center (EBİLTEM) which has a completely original structure for Turkey. EBİLTEM was established as the first University-Industry Cooperation Center of Turkey in 1994.


EBİLTEM has been operating since 1994 as a “single stop center” with its university-industry interface institution identity in areas which might be essential for the sector and academicians such as innovation, R&D, international technology transfer, intellectual and industrial property rights, technology licensing, national and international funds.


One third of the subsidy reserved from the Supplementary Budget for the Department of Scientific Research Projects has been granted for coordination of EBİLTEM for co-financing of projects supported outside the University (e.g. Industry, TÜBİTAK, DPT, overseas and other public organizations and institutions etc.) with decision of top management of the university with an aim to encourage academic staff to seek support outside the University since 1997.


Having realized its first “Project Exhibition and Competition” in 1998, EBİLTEM has realized 11 Project Exhibitions and Competitions and 6 Project Markets until today and introduced more than 1000 projects to the sector and investors with these events. The first project market organized by a university with the support from TÜBİTAK was realized by EBİLTEM in 2002. With the event called “Inno-Venture 2007” sector representatives and research institutions seeking for new investment items were gathered together for the first time on the basis of protection of mutual interests whereby new opportunities were created to provide added value to the national economy. The project markets and competitions have been made traditional to be held biennially under the title "Ege R&D and Technology Days - ArEge”, the first of which was held in 2010.


EBİLTEMbegan its first operation in Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights in 1999, 5 years after its establishment. It created the "TPE Information and Documentation Unit", the second among Turkish universities, within the body of Ege University with the protocol signed with TPE. Information and documentation support for Industrial Property Rights was provided to researchers and companies within the scope of this unit.


In 2000, EBİLTEM led the establishment of KOSGEB-TEKMER unit within the body of the university, whereby it still holds a seat in the “TEKMER Project Election Committee”. Within the same year, EBİLTEM also established its first spin-off company (EGERT).


EBİLTEM began its international operations in 2000 and currently it is in efficient cooperation with numerous organizations and institutions in various countries, mainly the EU. Upon decision for participation of Turkey in the EU Sixth Framework Program, the "EU Programs Coordination Office" was established under the roof of EBİLTEM in 2002. It has been functioning as the regional EU Contact Point in cooperation with TÜBİTAK for 11 years.


The "Science Fair” was organized with the support from the Metropolitan Municipality of İzmir to enhance interest of the youth in science and technology and to draw attention, to direct them to R&D and innovation as well as to encourage being a scientist in 2003. The “TÜBİTAK Inter-High School Project Competition” in 2005; the European Science Entertainment Night I, II and III events in 2006, 2007 and 2008 within the scope of the Aegean Region Coordinatorship, EU Sixth Framework Program Human Resources and Mobility Program and the "Science Week".


It entered in an efficient cooperation with the EU Commission with the Innovation Transfer Center (IRC Network Program) that it participated in within the scope of the EU Sixth Framework Program in 2004. The EU Commission selected the Aegean Innovation Transfer Center, for which EBİLTEM is the Project Coordinator, as the most successful technology transfer office of Europe among similar 71 centers in 33 countries. EBİLTEM has been in cooperation with the “Netherlands Foreign Specialist Program - PUM” organizations which have been providing free of charge specialist support for SMEs for 40 years, since 2007. It began executing the Enterprise Europe Network Project in the period between 2008-2014 and granted to continue during Horizion 2020 bugdet period 2014-2020.


EBİLTEM TPE Information and Documentation Unit has been a member to the Patent Information Center Network - PATLIB member since 2005. The European Patent Office (EPO) supported 17 pilot divisions among all PATLIB members in 2010 and allowed them to provide different services for the academic field and the industry in their own countries. EBİLTEM was selected as one of these centers and the “Patent Researches Office” was established in November 2010.


The “Industrial Experience Certification Program” was launched at EBİLTEM as an original practice in Turkey upon recommendation of EBSO-University Industry Coordination Council and the decision of the Ege University Senate numbered 6/6 and dated 2006 to benefit from students, one of the most important elements, in creation of cooperation bridges between the University and the Industry.


Coordination of İNOVİZ venture that started under the leadership of Ege University in İzmir in 2009 is conducted by EBİLTEM.


EBİLTEM has also been executing the project of the "Western Anatolia Informatics and Electronics Regional Innovation Center" supported within the scope of TÜBİTAK İŞBAP since 2010.


EBİLTEM provides services over the office that it has established in the İAOSB Regional Administration Building to companies under this OSB in the framework of the "First Step Office" which it has created with İAOSB within the scope of the protocol that it has signed to accelerate the University-Industry cooperation as a local project and thus, it minimizes the physical distance between the University and the Industry.


EBİLTEM and KOSGEB cooperated within the scope of the “Voluntary Specialist Consultancy Project for SMEs" and realized a project partnership in İzmir.


In 2011, EBİLTEM was commissioned as the coordinator of the “Project for Dissemination of FSMH Information In Turkish Universities” by TPE and EPO in 2011 as a result of its long time services in Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights. The "Ege R&D and Technology Days - ArEge2" organization where university sourced patents competed for the first time in Turkey was held on 28-30 November 2012.


With the TÜBİTAK Technology Transfer Office Contract signed on 9 April 2013, within the scope of the TÜBİTAK 1513 Technology Transfer Offices Support Program, E.Ü. EBİLTEM-Technology Transfer Office was granted with the honor to be supported for 10 years as one of 10 universities among the universities in Turkey as an interface institution to develop University-Industry cooperation, to support the commercialization process of technology and to provide logistic support for academic researches.