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Working Structure and Subjects

Working Structure

EU EBILTEM TTO’s units have been established in order to effectively carry out their duties for the university and industry. These units each of which is independent in themselves but working towards the same goal, continuously monitor and evaluate changes and developments, produces specific solutions to problems encountered, and they improve themselves by closely following the changes in the needs of the region.

EU EBILTEM TTO continues its activities under an institutional structure;

  • It executes with dynamic units created in accordance with the needs of the ecosystem,
  • The units specialize in their subjects within the flexible working system and constantly renew themselves,
  • Facilitates the work that carried out with corporate understanding and professional staff with support units,
  • There are databases developed for the effective execution of related studies,
  • Databases integrated into the professional announcement system ensure that the right information delivery its target group in a timely manner,
  • It works in cooperation with all departments and head-offices in the University and reaches academicians and researchers through the announcement system,
  • It carries out its activities professionally through web-based project management and reporting systems,
  • In all of its fields of activities, it carries out its activities effectively together with the people, institutions and organizations with the processes developed by EBILTEM TTO
  • It provides a holistic service as a "single-stop center" that provides quick solutions by establishing cooperation networks with national and international stakeholders.

Working Subjects

EU EBILTEM-TTO continues its work on the following subjects by presenting its experiences gained with its nearly 20 years of work to academicians, researchers, all sectors of industrial sectors in the region, public institutions and organizations, entrepreneurs.

  • To provide researchers to work more productively by removing paperwork and similar loads,
  • To produce quick solutions for the effective operation of the university research ecosystem,
  • To support and manage the process of transferring and commercializing new knowledge-based technologies to the industry, which is demonstrated by research results in basic and applied fields,
  • To support university and industry R&D and innovation projects,
  • To organize training, seminars, networking activities on different subjects such as intellectual property rights, project management, entrepreneurship, aggregation, innovation,
  • Developing entrepreneurial culture and supporting the work of researchers and students,
  • Managing intellectual property and entrepreneurship processes from start to finish,
  • To serve as a "Single-Stop Center" in the internationalization of regional industrialists,
  • To monitor technological developments on a sectoral basis, to announce them to regional companies and to enable them to access new technologies through the international networks connected.


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