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Promotion and Public Relations Unit

The main purpose of the Promotion and Public Relations Unit is to introduce the activities of EÜ EBİLTEM-TTO to researchers, academicians, students and the business world and to allow all stakeholders to benefit from these activities and to create awareness to increate cooperation opportunities.


In this respect, examples to current operations are:

  • to make promotion of all activities of EÜ EBİLTEM-TTO using its web page, written and visual media and social media
  • to make promotion of our activities by actively participating in workshops, seminars and congresses which our target audience take part in
  • To organize regional, national and international events to create awareness in mainly the activities of EÜ EBİLTEM-TTO in our University and R&D systematic, innovation, projects, university-industry cooperation, support programs, technology transfer, FSMH and entrepreneurship and to announce all events held externally
  • To promote industry-oriented resources, researchers and infrastructure competencies and cooperation opportunities of our University
  • To gather researchers and academicians together with different companies and sector representatives to follow developments in different sectors with the "Company-Researcher Meeting Days"
  • To organize Project Exhibitions and Competitions
  • To organize seminars and trainings to increase knowledge level of academicians, researchers, students and industrialists




Phone: 0232 3434400-164

E-mail: duygu.hacioglu@ebiltem.ege.edu.tr 

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