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Project Support Unit

EU EBİLTEM-TTO Project Support Unit provides support to all researchers, especially Ege University researchers, from the idea stage to the completion of the project, and also aims to reduce the bureaucratic burden of our university researchers on projects.

In this context, it provides information and support on the following issues.

  • Access to Project Calls.
  • Projecting and Project Development.
  • Project Implementation – Monitoring.
  • Searching for experts to work together on your project.



For Project Information and Support Services:  projedestek@ebiltem.ege.edu.tr


For International Projects;

Mehmet KARA

Phone: 0232 3434400-173

E-mail: mehmet.kara@ebiltem.ege.edu.tr 


For National Projects;


Phone: 0232 3434400-170

E-mail: tugba.karakayali@ebiltem.ege.edu.tr 


For National Projects and AROM;

Sercan ERTAŞ

Phone: 0232 3434400-113

E-mail: sercan.ertas@ebiltem.ege.edu.tr 


For world rankings and SciVal;

Dr. Mehmet Reşat ATILGAN

Phone: 0232 3434400-104

E-mail: mehmet.atilgan@ebiltem.ege.edu.tr 


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