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Science and Technology Centre

Project Support Unit

The Project Support Unit aims at the allowing researchers, academicians and industrialists in the region to benefit more from regional, national and international support mechanisms.


Activities of the Project Support Unit can be classified in 3 groups:

  • Announcement:

- Announcement of regional, national and international calls for support: To announce subsidies, project invitations and calendars of different organizations and institutions

- Announcement of regional, national and international calls for project partnership.

  • Project Design:

- Project creation: Creation of the project idea, project arrangement, creation of national and international partnerships and to provide support in application stages

- Project arrangement and application: To provide support in arrangement and conclusion by the parties of related forms and contracts, technical and financial preliminary operations such as budgeting and justification.

  • Project Execution and Monitoring:

- Project acceptance: To provide support in operations necessary before the start of the projects such as creation of administrative and financial forms, consortium agreements and tax exemption documents

- Project execution: to execute researcher projects technically and financially, make accounting for expenses, coordination, closure, administration of corporate shares

- Project monitoring: to monitor projects technically and financially and to review expenses, interim and final reports.