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Science and Technology Centre

Industrial Relations Unit


Operations are continuing to allow regional companies to efficiently benefit from the scientific potential and research infrastructure of Ege University with an aim to support their development by directing them to R&D and innovation activities and to strengthen the regional innovation ecosystem.


E.Ü. EBİLTEM-TTO Industrial Relations Unit:

  • provides support to meet researchers with industrialists and to commercialize their operations
  • supports R&D activities by providing support to companies in all stages from the idea to the final product
  • supports entrepreneurs to make preliminary assessment of ideas and projects, to clarify the work plan, to create the R&D content and to realize it rapidly.


E.Ü. EBİLTEM-TTO provides services for all sectors in a wide spectrum, mainly for its divisions, researchers, companies and entrepreneurs in the following areas:


For R&D project development:

  • To develop project generation skills of sector representatives, entrepreneurs, researchers and academicians
  • To determine R&D projects in the sector, to evaluate project ideas of entrepreneurs and industrialists
  • To determine and twin researchers who might provide support for the determined sector projects
  • To efficiently use the scientific background and infrastructure of the University in private sector R&D projects
  • To provide access to national and international R&D collaborations and financial supports
  • To realize industry-supported contracted projects
  • To plan ideas, to create national and international partnerships
  • To ensure coordination with regard to project management during execution of projects
  • To realize research projects which might trigger the economy by creating an innovation ecosystem in the region


For patenting, licensing and internationalization:

  • To provide information, training and patent support for protection of intellectual property rights of developed products and technologies
  • To offer licensing, business development and internationalization services
  • To offer technical assessment and analysis services for improvement of production and business processes of companies
  • To follow up technical developments on sector basis, to announce them to regional companies and to ensure access to new technologies over connected international networks
  • To ensure creation of project, service and product cooperation between local companies with national and international companies


For foreign and local specialist support:

  • To provide sectoral specialist support from the region in areas required by companies
  • To provide international specialists to fulfill the needs for specialty that is not available in the region


For training and events:

  • To ensure development of companies through innovation and project development culture training
  • To organize meetings, company oriented meeting days, training, seminars, conferences, project markets and events in line with the needs of the sector
  • To provide cooperation and R&D based sustainable development in key sectors with aggregation