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With activities based on corporate and regional needs, E.Ü. EBİLTEM-TTO continues activities for the following main purposes to serve academics, researchers, private sector and non-governmental organizations in various areas at regional, national and international levels:

  • To organize R&D activities in basic and applied fields at Ege University within the framework of a central organization
  • To create a competitive, creative and efficient research environment
  • To strengthen University-Industry cooperation and to accelerate transfer of feasible results into the industry
  • To increase scientific activities at the University in terms of quality and quantity
  • To increase joint studies between academic departments
  • To strengthen the communication network with the industry
  • To develop cooperation with the industry and to offer consultancy services at a professional level, to generate projects for organizations and to realize new projects
  • To introduce industry compatible project support programs and to direct them to the priority areas of the regional industry
  • To create an information network on EU projects in order to increase the potential of the regional industrialists to develop researches
  • To make joint project activities with industrial organizations and/or corporations for applications for patents and utility models
  • To encourage projects and researches to contribute to regional development
  • To organize regional markets and to seek investors for ideas which might relate to industrialists

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